"What is the use of doing anything more than is expected of 'young ladies'!"
“I don't think I lost faith in the music business, I just drifted away.”
I want to tell the story differently this time. Not to start at or near the beginning but to tell you about an encounter.
“If one is going to be truthful one has to be very tender.” —Florida Scott-Maxwell
"How had I never heard of her?”
"Autobiography is not true enough; it has to be rearranged to release its full meaning.”
"Photography is writing with light." —Graciela Iturbide
a 6-week creative writing group for moms beginning October 5
“Art is not a thing — it is a way.”
On apologies, authority, and allowability
“Even in the face of art, especially in the face of art, life must go on.” —Drusilla Modjeska
Connie Converse, doubt, and the joy of death“Human society fascinates me & awes me & fills me with grief & joy; I just can’t find my place to plug into it.”